The Taras Sub Diving Center Sports Association was legally born in Taranto, by the will and desire of three diving enthusiasts on May 10, 2001. The A.S. “TARAS SUB Diving Center” is organically composed of the President Ivan Miccoli (SSI Instructor) by the Councilors Silvio Stringhetta (Instructor) and Stefania Marulli (Assistant Instructor).

The Taras Sub Diving Center, for about 18 years, has been affiliated to the Scuba School international (SSI) of which it is the official Store and Diving Center, the Taras Sub is a Didactic School for the release of internationally recognized patents by Open Water to Underwater Guide.

Live an experience not to be forgotten

Ring on a dinghy

Quiet and pleasant boat ride to discover the wonderful coves that characterize our coast, with the possibility of snorkelling and admiring the ancient coastal towers that overlook the route.

Dolphin Watching Tour

With the excursions aimed at sighting the splendid dolphins of Taranto, you can spend a pleasant day of exploration and fun. On board the dinghies you will go to visit wonderful places in the Gulf of Taranto where these beautiful cetaceans are more concrete.

Visit to the Island of San Pietro e Paolo

The island of San Pietro is part of the small archipelago of the Cheradi, rich in history and biodiversity. This island is a magnificent place both above and below sea level. This island was once home to dense forests of trees that yielded amber of the finest quality. There were those who nicknamed these islands "Auree" due to the large amount of coral. From here perhaps the toponym Coradi and Chèradi. The island of San Pietro is an oasis for many species of birds such as barn owls, oystercatchers, quails, kingfishers, kestrels, doves, seagulls and cormorants